Captain Jess

Capt. Jess is the founder of Emerald Coast Water Tours. He holds a USCG Master Captain license. He’s a US Army veteran and a local musician that performs every Friday and Saturday at the Bayou On The Beach Oyster Bar. He said “I love taking people out on these waters so that they can see what a truly unique geographical place we live in here on Panama City Beach. It never gets old seeing the joy of folks when they connect with the dolphin’s”.


Captain Steve

Just an old Sea Dog

Capt. Steve Mullen grew up on these waters. He has sailed his own vessels throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Capt. Steve is a Panama City Beach historian who will entertain you with anecdotes and historical facts about our beautiful beach, Shell Island and Panama City Beach. We know him as the “Mayor of Shell Island”. 

Captain John

Riding Waves and Sailing the Gulf

Capt. John is a true native of Panama City Beach, where the sun, sand, and sea have been his lifelong companions. Born and raised in this coastal paradise, he embodies the spirit of the beach community, with a passion for adventure and a deep love for the ocean.

**Surfer Dude Extraordinaire**: Capt. John is not just a surfer; he’s a bona fide Surfer Dude. For years, he has effortlessly ridden the waves that kiss the shores of Panama City Beach. His mastery of the board and his innate connection to the water make him a standout figure in the local surf scene.

**Racing on the Gulf of Mexico**: Beyond the waves, Capt. John is equally at home on his private boat, where he has carved his name into the Gulf of Mexico’s sailing and regatta community. His boat gracefully navigates the Gulf’s unpredictable waters, and he fearlessly competes in regattas, showcasing his skill and determination as he vies for the top spot.

**A Valued Team Member**: Capt. John’s dedication to excellence extends beyond the surfboard and the boat’s helm. He brings his spirit of adventure and his commitment to teamwork to our group, and we are immensely proud to have him as a cherished member of our team. His can-do attitude, leadership, and love for the water inspire us all.

Capt. John’s life is a testament to the beauty and excitement of living in Panama City Beach, where the sea and the sun shape the character of its people. His passion for surfing, his daring exploits on the Gulf, and his unwavering commitment to his team make him an exceptional individual. Whether riding the waves or sailing the open waters, Capt. John embodies the essence of our coastal paradise.